Storyline etc.

    The Storyline

  • In 1968, a prince and a poor boy are born. We follow the prince (X) and the poor boy (Y), on their different journeys through life, until they both succeed in finding ”The Bell” in the year 2000 at ”Ayers rock” in Australia.
  • The prince (the crown prince of Denmark) plays harmonica and has always dreamt of becoming a guitar rock star. Instead, ”Down Under” in Australia, he finds his true love, the future crown princess.
  • The poor boy (Hans Christian Andersen as if he lived in the 20th century), who has been searching for love all his life, ends up becoming a guitar rock star. He sets his creativity free and is redefining himself ”Down Under” with aboriginals.
  • At ”Ayers rock”, the prince finally meets the poor boy again, and together they joyfully sing and dance to the aboriginal sounding drum-song ”Bushman”.

    About the Musical

  • The story of ”THE BELL” is based on the fairy tale ”The Bell” by Hans Christian Andersen. The story is rewritten and ”The Bell” symbolizes peace, love and understanding – the caring concern for survival of the earth and humanity.
  • The story is presented in two acts with a duration of two hours, and the entire musical contains 26 single titles.
  • The lyrics and music reflect the period from the flower power time in 1968 – ”peace, love and understanding” – and takes us through three decades and ends in the year 2000 with an emerging concern for the environmental survival of the earth.

    Act 1

    1. The Bell (ouverture)
    2. The Bell
    3. Freeway to Heaven
    4. The Swan
    5. My Life is like a Dream
    6. Tonight
    7. Kiss the Frog
    8. Marathon Man
    9. The World
    10. Hey Joe Jimi Goodbye
    11. What’s in the Stars
    12. Sitting on a Star
    13. Prosperity

    Act 2

    14. Poem of inner Liberation
    15. Save the Planet
    16. If I were Jesus
    17. You changed my Destiny
    18. Happiness is by my Side
    19. Just a Dream away
    20. Life, is giving Life to Something
    21. Come and catch me
    22. Colours
    23. Trust me
    24. Glory Halleluja
    25. Bushman
    26. The Bell (Final)

    About the Creation

  • ”THE BELL” was conceived during Johnny Runner Denmark’s travels through several countries.
  • The story is inspired by studies of Hans Christian Andersen’s life and work.

    About the Author

  • Johnny Runner Denmark is born in 1957. Since 1966 he has been active within the music and show business. Johnny Runner Denmark lived in Australia in 1993/1994. He has successfully completed a songwriting masterclass in Sydney, and has worked with a number of international arrangers, producers and musicians.
  • Johnny Runner Denmark has written more than 3,000 songs, and he has also been on the top of the Danish charts. In 2000, he was chosen by ”Team Denmark” to write a song for the Danish national team for the Olympics 2000 in Sydney Australia.
  • Johnny Runner Denmark’s career began as an auditor and for many years he was employed as a financial manager in multinational corporations. He changed profession and became a producer and creative director for a video production company.


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Photos from recording sessions of studio demos for THE BELL
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